Rush Fees apply when you book and pay with less than 21 days advance notice.

Fee is $150 or 5% of rental value (which ever is lower) for bookings made between 8 and 21 days

Fee is $250 or 19% of rental value (whichever is lower) for booking made with 7 or less days notice - there will also be additional shipping charges applied due to insufficient time to make an on-time delivery.

We need a Security Deposit paid in advance in addition to prepayment of the rental fees.

The actual value of the rental fee is dependent on the value of the rented equipment and is usually between $500 and $2,000.

Security depoisits are returned after we get everything back in good order and on time - that is shipped back on time.

WIRELESS MICROPHONE rental quote tool

Our minimum charge is for 1 through 7 days - same price regardless of delivery and return dates.

Our major cost is not the capital value of the equipment, but the time to prepare, pack, ship, unpack, count, test, repack and return to inventory.  

Expedited shipping is available if you book and pay too late for us to be able to get the equipment to you via our normal Ground Shipping.

We will charge you what UPS charges us.