We will be working with  a yet to be determined streaming platform to provide turnkey solutions:

  • Hardware
  • Software
  • Cables
  • Streaming Platform
  • Licensor compliant Ticketing

Pricing for the Streaming-Ticketing portion of these packages is still being determined as of June 19th, 2020.

Need cameras or additional ones. Our encoder will accept 4 with HDMI outputs.  Each camera comes with a long armored HDMI to minimize damage.

$120.00 each

for 10 day rental including both in and outbound shipping

​excludes streaming/ticketing charges 

LAPTOP with 


Add Cameras

Software Required 

​Windows PC

  • Windows 7 or Windows 10 
  • Core i5 Quad Core or better
  • USB 3 (USB 2 limits to 720p)
  • 8 gB RAM or more

Streaming Platform​​

ATEM mini Control App

The ATEM Software Control software for the ATEM mini encoder-switcher allows 

  • more switching/fade options
  • media insertion (ads, credits)
  • downstream keyer for inserting a logo over the image - like a station ID
  • picture in picture - close up on a solist over the wide shot of the ensemble
  • ​preview transition (switch/fade)
  • Fade to black key
  • ​Save and recall setups
  • ​Create macros - good for automating the media player with up to 20 slides

This software is pre-installed on our Streaming Laptops, but can be downloaded onto your own laptop - mac 10.14 and 10.15 or Windows 10 64bit machine.

If you have a camera or 2 and a laptop that meets the minimum specs required by the encoder and out streaming platform ... THIS IS ALL YOU NEED.


for 10 day rental including both in and outbound shipping

​excludes streaming/ticketing charges

OBS Streaming App

Add preconfigured PC


The encoder accepts audio and video inputs - though we prefer putting the audio into the #1 camera for better sync - and in the case of our ATEM mini also provides basic switching, fades etc to increase the professionalism of the streamed production.


It accepts an audio input from your auditorium/theatre mixer for best quality audio and interfaces it into the first camera or the encoder.

Our Laptops are mostly Dell 13 or 14" machines with i7 quad core processors and 8gB of RAM, RJ45 wired internet access - don't use wireless for streaming -  and are loaded with fresh copies of Windows 10 with  Microsoft Edge/Internet Explorer 11.

Do not use the web browser unless you are out of other options.  We would hate for the laptop to be infected with some virus that decided to play havoc with your stream.

If you have a camera or 2 - at least one (1) needs an audio input jack, this kit has everything you need to stream your production - with no software to download and install.


for 10 day rental including both in and outbound shipping

​excludes streaming/ticketing charges

Have a Camera & PC


  • IOS 10.12 or later
  • Core i5 processor or better
  • Thunderbolt
  • 8 gB RAM or more

Hardware Packages

lets stream live thea​tre

Windows 10 OS

You will need:

This comes preloaded on our Streaming Laptops, and is an open source download if using your own laptop - Mac, Windows and Linux are supported.

It works with out encoder-switcher (interface is preset when renting our laptop, but will need to be configured if using your own.  There are also some settings that need to be inputed before streaming to link to our Streaming Platform.

This software incorporates switching transitions if feeding the laptop from multiple capture cards.  Most of these features are not used when using the ATEM mini, but become more relevant if using 2 to 8 capture cards connected to your laptop.


Loaded onto your or our laptop is the software needed to interface the encoder to the streaming platform and the ticketing requirements needed by the Licensors of your show.  Also on our laptop is the Encoder Advance Function software that lets you do even more fancy stuff with the switching functions.

Our laptops are devoid of any apps or software other than the streaming, encoder control and a clean browser to minimize potential threats.


MacBook  or PC

  • quad core processor (i5 or i7)
  • 8gB RAM 
  • USB 3 or  type c


  • HDMI o
  • 1080P HD preferred
  • audio input (mic) connector
  • tripod 

Minimum Laptop Requirements​​