use a 6" or 8" active 2 way speaker connected to the sound system via a long XLR cable per dressing room and backstage ready area.

​​​​​​         1st Week   10 days    14 days 
$ 100      115      135

extras    $  80        92      108 

Contact to talkback system - interface

Add priority mic to any program relay

If your actors cannot hear the music on stage, then adding a pair of small powered speakers - 1 per side, and sending just the music to them using an Aux Send from the mixer will solve that problem.

​​​​​​         1st Week   10 days    14 days 
$ 140      161      189

Wireless   200      230       270

Wireless to each dressing room

Program Relay  Systems

        1st Week   10 days     14 days

  ea     $ 50    57.50     67.50

If you need your stage manager to be able to address the dressing rooms, then a separate sub system is needed so that the program and a Stage Manager Mic can be fed to the Dressing Room speakers.  This mixer will auto duck the program when the mic is in use​​connect to an all announcement output of a multi-ring talkback system

replace the XLR cable with a wireless audio link.

Simple Program Relay Speaker Systems 

small mixer inserted between program output and the feed to the relay system.  Can come with either a push-to-talk desktop microphone or a wireless headset/transmitter and receiver

        1st Week   10 days     14 days

  ea     $ 50    57.50     67.50

Cabled to each dressing room