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​​​​​​​AMERICA'S MOST cost effective THEATRE wireless rentals -

8 SySTEMS for 7 DAYS with SHIPPING* - $360, $440, $560, $800

Our Best Value Analog UHF System​​

RFdevices C81 WIRELESS SYSTEMS - Compact UHF Analog Wireless Systems.

C81 Wireless Systems offers quick setup and exceptional wireless clarity.

  • Powered with AA batteries
  • 2x 24 MHz tuning bandwidth
  • 16 Compatible systems per band (32 when using multiple bands)

Whether it’s for a sound installation or a working theatre troop, audio professionals need powerful wireless tools that can be set up quickly and used confidently. RFdevices rugged C81 Wireless Systems exceed these demands with innovative automatic setup features, exceptional wireless clarity and a very compact footprint - 8 receivers in a 1u box. Supporting up to 20+ compatible systems across multiple UHF frequency bands, SLX smoothly integrates into houses of worship, lecture halls, conference rooms and mobile gear cases. 

* Well this was possible until the FCC re-stacked TV stations to free up the 600MHz band for T-mobile.  
  With just 2 legal bands left 24 is the best we can get to work - in busy metro areas 12-16 is the limit. 


Creative Audio CA.81 Pro UHF Systems​​

Just book and pay 1 month before needed


Paddles are directional and reject unwanted signals from behind the antenna.

We recommend their use when receivers are more than 70ft from the rear wall of the stage.

  each system includes:

  • ​Receivers
  • Bodypack Transmitters
  • Lavalier or optional Mics
  • ​Free Shipping* both ways

Alkaline AA Batteries                  $ 0.50

(RFdevices C81 uses AA batteries)

Alkaline 9v Batteries                  $ 1.25

Face Tape 1/2" 30ft -                  $ 5.00

Face Tape 1"  30ft                       $ 7.00

Hairline mini hair clips

      (black, brown, blonde)         $ 0.50​

Mic Cleaning Pack                      $ 9.00

Bodypack Transmitter

     Waterproof Covers                $ 0.50

Creative CA.81 Pro UHF

from $45 / channel 1st week

 delivered after early payment discount

Just book and pay 15 days before needed

Both ways - Lower 48 states - if time permits for delivery


  • We always attempt to pre-configure the frequencies that are most likely to work in your location taking into account all legal local transmissions plus intermodulation distortion between channels.
  • While we stock well over 100 channels of RFdevices C81, we are not always able to provide large systems with a satisfactory mix of frequency based on RF mapping, but generally it is possible to still get up to 16-20 channels to work together.
  • Where possible we will co-ordinate our channels with any you may already own*.

     * Depending on the complexity of the combined systems there is likely to be a fee based on our $120/hour tech rate - typically runs $50-75.00