​​Longer rental periods, more channels, microphone and antenna upgrades - all available

​​AMERICA'S MOST cost effective wireless rentals - 8x CHANNELS 7 DAYS, SHIPPING - $240, $320, $400, $480


*Anywhere in the continental USA when booked and paid for at least 14 days before the first day you need them.

Need more control, or want to add a couple of line level sources - tracks, sound effects, internission music - then this is the ideal solution.

Gain, 3 band Eq (Swept mid on Mic channels), 2 sends including a built in digital effects unit, slide faders for channel volume and master outputs.

1st Week - $50.00

Extra Days - just $5 each

This unit has 16 mic inputs, but a couple of channels are noisy, so we rent it as a 12 mic input mixer.

Gain, 3 band Eq (Swept mid on Mic channels), 4 sends, slide faders for channel volume, group levels and master outputs.

Groups allow more control over your inputs.

1st Week - $80.00

Extra Days - just $8 each

Great introductionto digital mixing.  - Simple interface.  Analog Gain, Digital EQ, send levels, Compression, Gating Effects on every channel and most  are available on the 8 assignable outputs. Everything recallable

12 Mic preamps, 2 stereo line inputs, 2 MPS via USB inputs.  Can record output to flash drive.  

1st Week - $99.00

Extra Days - just $10 each

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Simplest way to add 4 to 8microphones to your existing sound system.

We normally pre-mount this in a rack with the wireless microphone receivers and cable it ready to add power and use.


Great quality, good sound with just a single volume know per receiver channel and a master volume.

1st Week - $40.00

Extra Days - just $4 each