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​​​​​​​AMERICA'S MOST cost effective THEATRE wireless rentals -

8 SySTEMS for 7 DAYS with SHIPPING* - $360, $440, $560, $800

Vertical Line Array 1

If you have read any of my blog posts, you know I believe small cone size speakers are ideal for vocal reproduction.  Putting small speakers in a vertical column has the added advantage of controlling vertical dispersion - so more energy is directed at the audience rather than the air and the back wall.

Good for 100-200 seats

Dispersion 120 x 30 degree

 PAIR - 1st Week - $150.00

extra days - just $18 each

Theatre Speaker Systems

Dual 15" 2 way - 500w

VLA are not perfect for every show. Need lots of bass for a rock musical ... this will get you out of trouble.

If you need even more bass you can add sub-woofers and active system controllers.

Expensive to ship.


1st Week - $300.00

extra days - $36each


Small 8" 100w PA

Ideal for small events in compact spaces - 100-150 seats.​

Mixer amp has 4 mic/line inputs with bass and treble, and monitor send - can be expanded by adding a suitable mixer.

Speakers have 8" woofers plus horns

1st Week - $90.00

extra days - $10.80 each

Active 10" 200w PA

Ideal for events in compact spaces - 200-250 seats.

Speakers have 10" woofers plus horns and a 200w power amp.  Single input can be mic or line.

Sound great, pretty good bass.

1st Week - $100.00

extra days - $12.00 each

Vertical Line Array 2


Eon One

10" sub

6x2" top

Need more bottom end, more power and even better dispersion control? Our VLA2 is the go!

Perfect for Lyric theatres and auditoriums with up to 400-500 seats for a traditional musical to straight play.​

PAIR - 1st Week - $200.00

extra days - $24 each