​​Longer rental periods, more channels, microphone and antenna upgrades - all available

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​​AMERICA'S MOST cost effective wireless rentals - 8x CHANNELS 7 DAYS, SHIPPING - $240, $320, $400, $480


*Anywhere in the continental USA when booked and paid for at least 14 days before the first day you need them.

Rack contains 2x 31 band Graphic Equalizers, 2ch Compressor-Limiter, and a Feedback Suppressor.

Comes prewired with Stereo in/Stereo out cables.  Can be configured as required*

Some expertise required

1st Week - $99.00

Extra Days - just $10 each

​*small charge may apply

To further help reducing feedback an automatic notch filter type device is a modern marvel.

Best used after the system has been calibrated to the room thers offer 2 channels of 12 narrow notch filters and can be set to auto mode so the filters move to where they are most needed

1st Week - $30.00

Extra Days - just $3.00 each

System Drive Controllers are the all in one "Fix-It" for tuning the system to a room, feedback control, compression and limiting nit to mention speaker line delay and cross-over between subs mids and highs.

Some expertise required

1st Week - $49.00

Extra Days - just $5.00 each

All live systems benefit from a Compressor Limiter on the output to both protect the speaker system and control the dynamic range of the voices.

Can also be useful to insert over a single channel to enhance a single voice.

1st Week - $30.00

Extra Days - just $3.00 each

Every sound system needs to be:

  • Tuned to the room
  • Adjusted to minimize feedback

A Graphic EQ is among the best ways to acheive the first, and can be a great help in the second.

1st Week - $20.00

Extra Days - just $2.00 each