​​Longer rental periods, more channels, microphone and antenna upgrades - all available

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​​AMERICA'S MOST cost effective wireless rentals - 8x CHANNELS 7 DAYS, SHIPPING - $240, $320, $400, $480

"In the past, we had to rely on the services of a sound company to provide wireless mics for our High School productions.  Enter Bodymics and Rod Reilly.  Rod provided everything we needed at an incredible price. 

The 16 Shure SLX systems were packed in 4 compact pre-cabled road-cases, and the frequencies were preset to open channels in our area. In minutes we were able to unpack the gear, connect a handful of cables, and in less than an hour we were getting clear, quality sound through his wireless mics! 

Our Spring Musical sounded better than any of our previous productions and we spent less than we ever had.  For great quality at a great price – call Bodymics!

          -- Teresa.  NJ  Apr '17 (U616 System + Intercoms). 


"The microphone system is on its way back to you.  They worked absolutely beautifully!  I know we will be using you again for our future show needs. Thank you so much for being so great to work with!"

          -- Wendy.  CA   2016 (U408 System)

"(bodymics) knows their way around theatre applications and has developed unique products to solve common theatre needs in an affordable uncompromised fashion.  I know that no matter where my next theatre gig will be my wireless gear will work flawlessly with pristine audio clarity and durability.  If you’re serious about your wireless sound performance you owe it to yourself to check out bodymics.com."

          -- Anthony.  NJ  May '17 (U816A System)

* FREE SHIPPING - applies to orders placed and paid for 2 weeks before the fist day you need the gear


We basically rent systems of 4 or more channels (and generally in multiples of 4) for a minimum rental period of 1 week.  We strive for simplicity of setup.

All our systems come with either lavaliers  (body worn) or headset microphones as standard. We offer lightweight single earsets and mini hairline/wig/lavalier mics as options.

Wireless Mic Rentals


I can't thank you enough for your excellent advice and guidance through this, our first experience using body mics on our entire cast. Prior to this year's production (Seussical, jr.) we'd always used hanging area mics and I was wary of the cost and the complication of putting individual mics on all our actors. But it turned out great—my parents were really pleased at the quality of the sound and I was truly impressed with the quality of the gear you rented us and the ease with which it all came together. And your prices are very reasonable. We could never have afforded to purchase such a high quality system. We'll definitely be coming back to you for our next big production.
Thanks so much,
           -- Rich.  CA  2016  (U616 System)


We were super happy with everything from this rental! I really appreciated that the antenna distro was labeled and that you'd already scanned the transmitters/receivers to be on separate channels. Please let me know if you have a Yelp or Google page or someplace I can give you positive feedback. I'll definitely be back for the next musical I'm involved in and will recommend you to any other folks I encounter in need of wireless.
          -- Lewis.  CO  Mar ' 17 (U816 System with Paddle Antennas)


No-one gives you more bang for your buck

  • Best rates (flat fee per channel)
  • Free Ground Shipping in lower 48 for 8+ channels*
  • Simplified set-up - transmitters and receivers match, and are set to channels that should work in your location
  • includes one BLF4 2/16" omni lavalier per channel
  • Includes 10 foot cable looms

Some options if you need them

we believe in providing affordable wireless system rentals so that schools, churches & community theater groups can take maximum advantage of the freedom afforeded by using Multiple wireless systems. 

Production Intercom Rentals

Bodymics.Rentals is part is the Reilly SR LLC.  It is dedicated to providing low cost audio solutions - in particular wireless systems - to the non-broadway theater community.

Rod Reilly, our founder, moved from Australia to the US in 1997, after an incredibly successful career as the founder and major shareholder of The PA People, then and now among the largest players in the AVL installation, rental and sales market in Australia.

Once he was granted a Green Card he launched Reilly SR LLC which was primarily a consulting firm to the Conference Center industry with contracts to mange the AV side of a number of large Conference Centers, both public and private.  The financial collapse brought this part of the business to a near close.

However, Rod was also running a little side business doing production for school musicals - School Bus Productions, complete with converted school bus to move gear around.  So life after NYC saw an effort to expand into wireless microphone rental on a national level.  Strangely, even tho we are located in New Jersey, our largest customer base is California!

Looking for better products to rent, led us to start manufacturing (in China) a range of bodypack microphones that we now sell under the Bodymics brand - www.bodymics.com