​​Longer rental periods, more channels, microphone and antenna upgrades - all available

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​​AMERICA'S MOST cost effective wireless rentals - 8x CHANNELS 7 DAYS, SHIPPING - $240, $320, $400, $480

Included Antenna Systems

All our rental systems are supplied with whip antennas - depending on the series how many we supply


  • Usually packed in 4 channel cases
  • each case includes a 4 way true diversity antenna distribution amplifier
  • includes 2x 1/4 wave whip antenna


  • Usually packed in 8 or 16 channel cases
  • 8 channels has 4x half wave antennas
  • 16 channel to 2x half wave  antennas


  • Usually packed in 8 channel cases
  • Each 4ch has 4x half wave antennas
  • Can upgrade  to 2x 1/2 wave ant - $25/$3


  • Usually packed in 8 channel cases
  • Each channel has a 1/4 wave antenna

Upgrade to Directional Paddle Antenna Systems

Wireless Elements

Rent Our Mikes for Your System

Antenna Options

Wired Microphones

If your receivers will be mounted further than 70 feet from the apron of the stage area, we suggest that you upgrade to a pair of active directional paddle antennas.

We can upgrade all systems except the BASIC systems.

For the $8 per channel

  • a pair of directional paddles
  • table stands unless you have a pair of microphone floor stands you would prefer to utilize
  • any and all necessary antenna distribution amplifiers
  • all necessary RF antenna cables
  • connection instructions

Antenna Options