​​Longer rental periods, more channels, microphone and antenna upgrades - all available

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​​AMERICA'S MOST cost effective wireless rentals - 8x CHANNELS 7 DAYS, SHIPPING - $240, $320, $400, $480


If you have paid a deposit, then we will deduct the loss/damages amount from the deposit.  

If damages exceeds the deposit (or no deposit) we will send an invoice.  

Please pay this within 7 days to avoid additional rental costs (we give you a 7 day pass, but if payment is late, the additional rental charges become due and payable from the day we get the system back.)


If you haven't paid a deposit, please include a check with the return for the amount of the damages, or request an invoice be sent for the declared damages and pay it before the gear gets back to us to lock in your 50% savings.

OTHER DAMAGES: Glue or Make Up Residue on Microphone Elements

Please clean off any glue, tape or make-up residue before shipping the microphones back to us.

  • if we have to clean them we charge between $10 and $20 per microphone depending on how much work was required (Based on a minimum of 10 minutes at $60 per hour

Please launder and Transmitter waist belts before shipping them back to us.

  • if we have to clean them we charge between $80 per load (up to 24 belts)

Things You Should Know.


Broken or Loss policy

Simple really - you break it or lose it. You pay for it.  

That being said, if you tell us about the missing parts or damages, and we will charge you half the replacement cost - not the full price. If we find the loss or damage - it is full price.

We send a list of the replacement costs for most of the parts included with your rental.  Or you can download it here (well soon you can)