We basically rent systems of 8 or more channels (and generally in multiples of 4) for a minimum rental period of 1 week.  We strive for simplicity of setup.

All our systems come with either lavaliers  (body worn) or single ear earsets standard -  We offer lightweight headsets and premium versions also.

  • Bodymics.Rentals is part is the Reilly SR LLC.  It is dedicated to providing low cost audio solutions - in particular wireless systems - to the non-broadway theater community.
  • Rod Reilly, our founder, moved from Australia to the US in 1997, after an incredibly successful career as the founder and major shareholder of The PA People, then and now among the largest players in the AVL installation, rental and pro AV sales market in Australia.
  • Once he was granted a Green Card he launched Reilly SR LLC which was primarily a consulting firm to the Conference Center industry with contracts to mange the AV side of a number of large Conference Centers, both public and private.  The financial collapse brought this part of the business to a near close.
  • However, Rod was also running a little side business doing production for school musicals - School Bus Productions, complete with converted school bus to move gear around.  
  • So life after NYC saw an effort to expand into wireless microphone rental on a national level.  Strangely, even tho we are located in New Jersey, our largest customer base is California and Texas!​  At last count we had as many Washington state clients as NJ ones.  
  • Looking for better but affordable products to rent, lead us to start manufacturing (in China) a range of bodypack microphones that we now sell under the Bodymics brand - Lavaliers, Hairline, Earserts and Headsets.  Early in 2019 we added our own Creative Audio Wireless Microphone System - Creative CA.81.

Quick Wireless Estimate

No-one gives you more bang for your buck

  • Best weekly rates 
  • Free Ground Shipping in lower 48*
  • Simplified set-up - transmitters and receivers match, and are set to channels that should work in your location
  • includes one microphone per channel
  • Includes 10 foot XLR cable looms

Some options if you need them

If you would like to book a system (even if there are additional things you need that the Estimator didn't tell you about) please fill out this FORM which provides us with all the necessary information to create a Contract and Invoice.  CLICK HERE

  1. Encoder and audio interface
  2. Encoder, audio interface and streaming laptop
  3. Add 1 camera/tripod to Package #2
  4. Add 2 camera/tripod sets to Package #2
  5. Add 3 camera/tripod sets to Package #2
  6. Add 4 camera/tripod sets to Package #2

We believe in providing affordable wireless system rentals so that schools, churches & community theater groups can take maximum advantage of the aartistic freedom afforded by using multiple wireless microphones. 

Need some LED light fixtures?  High Power Moving Head Zoom Spot/Wash Fixtures or simple 200w equivalent Wash fixtures.  LINK 

We are putting together a number of streaming packages which include content delivery solutions and ticketing (paid or comp'd) that are in compliance with the licensing requirements of the major Theatrical Licensing Houses.

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