Wireless Microphone Systems

for Live Theatre



All our current systems have fairly good to great auto scanning capabilities and it is usually best to utilize these, especially if you are using other wireless systems - mics, in ear monitors, walkie talkies etc.  We no longer preconfigure any of our systems except the SHURE SLX (we don't love their  Auto Scan function) as it is easier for you to set up once in location talking into account you local environment which will be much more reliable than anything we preset.

When scanning for suitable frequencies

  • turn on any wireless transmitters that already exist in the space (hopefully these can stay as set)
  • make sure all the transmitters for the system you are integrating into the sound system (the rental ones) are turned off
  • turn on the rental receivers (all of them)
  • go to the first one and make it scan for available vacant RF space
  • once it finds a home, turn on the bodypack transmitter and sync to that new channel - leave this transmitter on
  • Move to the second receiver and repeat the above
  • Continue until all transmitters and receivers have new homes and everything is working great

What do do if a receiver says it cannot find an available space in which to operate.

Then we will have to repeat the process for every transmitter in use. 

  • Start by turning all transmitters off.
    • Turn on any that have fixed frequencies that cannot be changed, and must be used for this show (if not using them or can do with out, leave them turned off (both RX and TX)
    • Start the above procedure with the house wireless  - scan for free space, then sync
    • repeat for all systems - yours and ours.


​​​​​​​​​Longer rental periods, more channels, microphone and antenna upgrades - all available

It keeps getting harder and more complex to mange wireless systems.  Why?

  • More and more people using more and more channels
  • Ever decreasing bandwidth as the FCC auctions off more of the wireless spectrum to cellphone companies who need it to keep our growing dependence on mobile web browsing alive.

As a result it is often necessary to use computer programs to calculate available channels to set your systems to.

Shure's RF Workbench software is the go to tool if you have a variety of brands and models to co-ordinate.  If you are using more homogenous systems the major manufacturers have there own tools or lists of compatible frequencies for various areas.

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