Work out what you need  >>> Contact Us - email, or call >>> Tell us what you need >>> We send Invoice and Contract >>> Sign Contract, scan and return>>> Pay Invoices including Deposit >>> We will ship to you to arrive on or before the date of First Use listed in Contract >>> Have a great Show >>> Ship back to us the first Business day after Last Use listed on Contract>>> Tell us of any damages or losses.

Your contract will specify a day to return the gear to us or to the shipping company.  If you need to extend this date let us know early so we can reschedule things our end and we will charge you the standard 12% of week rate in most cases.  The night before they are due back is not considered notice.  Our standard Late Fee is the lesser of 20% of the 1st week rate or any additional costs we incur due to the late return.


BOOK, and PAY3 MONTHs before needed & save 20%


Yes we do need a security deposit for most rentals. It averages at between $50 and $100 per channel rental (for wireless mics), and is dependent on our experience with your organization, similar organizations and the value of the equipment we are entrusting to you.  This deposit is refundable at the conclusion of the rental once we ascertain we got everything back in good working order.

Whilst our base rentals are ultra competitive and they include shipping to and fro, you can save even more by booking and paying early.  Complete the paperwork and submit full payment for rental and security deposit at least 30 days before the date you want the gear to arrive and we will take 20% off the rental price.

Our base rental rate lets you keep the systems for up to 7 days. Additional days are 12% of the base rate per extra day.  If you really only need them for 1 day we will rent them to you at 90% of the base rate.

Rent wwireless mic systems, or intercom stations or even just microphones and we will pick up the ground shipping costs.  Both ways - to you and back to us. Rent other stuff and the shipping is on you - though we will only charge you what we expect to be charged - freight is not our business.



OK so not everyone can get organized to finalize things 1 month ahead.  But because the more notice we have the easier it is for us, we still offer an incentive to avoid last minute orders.  Book and pay 15 days before you first need the gear and we will give you a 10% discount.

Broken or Loss policy


Simple really - you break it or lose it. You pay for it.  That being said, if you tell us about the missing parts or damages, and we will charge you half the replacement cost - not the full price. If we find the loss or damage - it is full price.

Your send a list of the replacement costs for most of the parts included with your rental.

​​​​​​​​​Longer rental periods, more channels, microphone and antenna upgrades - all available

​​​​​​​​AMERICA'S MOST cost effective THEATRE wireless rentals - SySTEMS for 7 DAYS with SHIPPING From* - $300, $440, $560, $800


Wireless Microphone Systems

for Live Theatre


BOOK, and PAY 1 MONTH before needed & save 10%