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Wireless Microphone Systems

for Live Theatre



​​​​​​​​AMERICA'S MOST cost effective THEATRE wireless rentals - SySTEMS for 7 DAYS with SHIPPING From* - $300, $440, $560, $800

The old adage is still true - you get what you pay for.  

That being said the 4 levels of wireless systems we offer all work well and are ideally suited to theatre use.  We have eliminated from our inventory the real entry level systems that just do not provide sufficient quality or reliability (especially when using more than 4 to 6 channels).

In Q2 of 2018 we added a heap of Shure QLXD Digital Audio over UHF Systems - this enables us to get more channels in urban areas which suffered disproportionately when the FCC sold off the 600MHz band to T-Mobile (go Deutche Telecom).

The benefits of the 3 analog systems is improved RF stability as you move up the range from RFdevices CA81 to Shure SLX to Shure ULX.  Audio quality is pretty much equal.  As you would expect the QLXD digital systems are truly rock solid and sound crystal clear.

Always rent the best you can afford.  Needing more than 16 channels will almost certainly force you to consider the Digital Systems.


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